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The LAD Company Ltd. was established in 2004 as a business Company in the market with chemicals. The activity of the Company was to arrange business between factories and business companies from all over the world. As time went by it appeared that potential of the Company is a lot bigger and therefore the LAD Company has started cooperate with end users and consumers of raw materials offered by us such as plants and factories for NPK fertilizers, washing powders, cleaning agents, liquid soap, glass and ceramics. More..


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Thanks to a long-term experience, our Company understands, that the main goal of the logistics is currently timely goods shipping, minimizing of shipping costs, finding of optimal ways to cargo transport, freight forwarders selection, transport companies, deliveries scheduling; professional performance and conclusion of agreements and contracts on cargo transport, quick customs clearance, ensuring of optimal mode in delivering in intermodal transport; consolidation (grouping) of goods when delivering, proper storing, harmonization of solving other issues with consigner and consignee etc. More..


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LAD company has completed pre-registration under REACH regulations for substances imported into the EU.
Pre-registration guarantees that all substances supplied within or outside the EU will still be available in future. All customers will be considered as downstream users and therefore relieved of registration obligations. More..